Solutions for Centralized Computing

InterFix is an authorized reseller of ClearCube products, the leading provider of high-performance centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions that deliver dramatic increases in availability, security, and manageability.

The ClearCube architecture is a unique union of hardware and software that delivers full Intel-based PC functionality to the user's desk from a centralized, rack-mounted environment. Exclusive, web-based software manages the entire PC Blade deployment from anywhere in the world. This integrated solution delivers dramatic increases in availability, security and manageability while significantly lowering operating costs.

The Clear Cube advantage

Unique benefits for Healthcare

Centralized computing and virtual desktop technology are ideal for the often far-flung distributed environments of healthcare networks and transcription operators. With ClearCube, the PC Blade is located in a centralized data center, and remotely managed. If a problem occurs, IT managers fix it from their own terminals without having to interrupt doctors and nurses, visit a remote location, or wait for damaged units to be delivered for repair or replacement.

Efficiently managing IT resources while raising service levels is a constant challenge for hospitals, clinics and their business associates. The goal is to reduce operating expenses, guarantee patient data security, and improve the work environment. The InterFix ClearCube suite of healthcare solutions meets this challenge and delivers:

  • 40 % lower cost of ownership due to better manageability
  • Exceptional data security for HIPAA compliance
  • 99.9 % station uptime
  • More work space by relocating the hardware to a central location

Whether you are a medical transcription service operator (MTSO), a hospital, or a clinic, InterFix can configure and install a distributed computing solution for your organization that reduces operating costs, strengthens data and hardware security, and improves availability.  

For configuration and pricing on ClearCube products, including: User Ports, PC Blades, Cages, BackPacks, and accessories, please contact an InterFix sales representative.

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