BenchMark IFX system architecture

A powerful two-tiered combination of software and online access allows BenchMark IFX customers the ability to locally create, test, and quickly automate the dozens of processes and interfaces required of medical transcription service organizations and their healthcare customers.

BenchMark IFX architecture consists of two primary components:

1. The IFX Process Server™ is the heart of Benchmark IFX and includes the extensive Specification Manager, Process Configuration Module, Process Archive Module, and Reporting Module. Connectivity "sessions" are written, tested, scheduled, and saved with the IFX Process Server.

2. The IFX Process Engine™ is the 24/7 workhorse that runs all of the scheduled "sessions" created by the IFX Process Server. The Process Engine connects, imports, normalizes, and exports data to and from all session-connected systems. It also includes a complete notification package that informs appropriate parties when sessions or connections fail. Each "session" is viewable as it runs, and creates a unique, auditable database file, allowing IT staff to gain complete visibility to each session both as it occurs and after it runs.

Configuring and sizing a BenchMark IFX solution

The number of servers and software licenses required for an IFX solution will vary. Three Editions are offered: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Edition(s). Each edition includes functionality designed to dovetail with individual organization’s needs.

Properly sizing an InterFix installation takes a concise but thorough discovery process and reasonable access to the systems that will be connected. Working with an InterFix consultant directly will allow us to size and price your BenchMark IFX solution to meet your business requirements. Click here to contact an InterFix representative and to receive the BenchMark IFX Process Discovery form.