BenchMark KB for Nuance InScribe 6 or higher
Patented HIM Knowledge Base

Knowledge Changes Everything.

BenchMark KB is the first application that sets universal health data quality standards and deploys them to the Nuance InScribe workstation level, integrating them into the document creation process. BenchMark KB is a patented HIM knowledge base--a comprehensive information portal that brings new data standards to the medical documentation process and incorporates real-time access to best-of-breed tools.

What's different in BenchMark KB for Nuance InScribe?
With the Nuance InScribe integrated BenchMark KB solution, transcriptionists have direct access to select BenchMark KB online quality and research tools from within their Inscribe application, dramatically improving the efficiency of routine tasks. Fully integrated BenchMark KB features include:
  • The comprehensive Stedman's spellchecker
  • A continuously updated national physician database (900,000+)
Recent studies indicate that having access to these integrated resources within the transcription platform improve MT productivity on average by 5+% and reduces blanks by nearly 20%.

In addition to the above integrated features, Nuance InScribe users also have access to all the BenchMark KB features and functions through a browser window or tab and right at their fingertips.

What's included in with your BenchMark KB for Nuance InScribe subscription?
  • Integrated National Physician Database
  • Stedman’s reference products compiled under one simple interface, including:
    • Stedman's Medical Speller (integrated into Nuance InScribe)
    • Stedman's Medical Dictionary
    • Stedman's Nursing Drug Handbook
    • Plus the following Stedman's word books:
      • Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbol
      • Alternative & Complementary Medicine Words
      • Anatomy & Physiology Words
      • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words
      • Dermatology & Immunology Words
      • Emergency Medicine Words
      • Endocrinology Words
      • GI & GU Words
      • Internal Medicine & Geriatric Words
      • Medical & Surgical Equipment Words
      • Medical Eponyms
      • Medical Terms & Phrases
      • Neurology & Neurosurgery Words
      • OB-GYN & Pediatric Words
      • Organisms & Infectious Disease Words
      • Oncology Words
      • Orthopaedic & Rehab Words
      • Ophthalmology Words
      • Pathology & Lab Medicine Words
      • Plastic Surgery, ENT, & Dentistry 
      • Pocket Medical Abbreviations
      • Psychiatry Words 
      • Radiology Words
      • Surgery Words
    • Updates are received automatically as newer editions become available
  • Database of normal lab values
  • Interfix researched new medical terms

BenchMark KB for Nuance InScribe:  $149.00/year*

*Nuance InScribe 6 or higher required

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