Reduce IT expenses with BenchMark IFX

Solutions for Integration

Proven integration solutions

InterFix has been helping the transcription industry improve data compatibility and portability for many years.  We are the leading provider of  technology solutions for cost-effective integration, improved data security and availability, and the conversion of audio and text file formats that break down market barriers in the HIM industry. InterFix integration services and solutions allow our customers to:

  • Create complex interfaces quickly
  • Unify all voice, text, and ADT platforms
  • Isolate and protect all data
  • Strengthen hardware and data security and improve availability
  • Reduce Project Cycle Time
  • Reduce IT costs

As the integration and automation partner to transcription services, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare software vendors on four continents and across the United States, InterFix and it’s integration products are proven in real world operation, with over 3000 integration and automation sessions running 24/7.

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