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More than a software and information technology company, InterFix is the Integration and Automation partner to transcription services, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare software vendors on four continents, the CARICOM Region, and across the United States. InterFix products are proven in real world operation, with over 3000 integration and automation sessions running 24/7.

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“I have chosen to purchase my own subscription to Benchmark KB because I found it a wonderful resource while working for MedQuist. I have ended my employment with MedQuist but have missed having access to Benchmark KB. (I have actually been going into Benchmark KB withdrawal the last week while I have started work for another employer!) I am a lover of books, including hard copies of reference books, but I love the speed with which I can find things on Benchmark KB. Thank you for a wonderful product that is well worth the cost.” - S. K., CMT

Since implementing BenchMark KB, we have seen both a 5% overall increase in MT productivity and are reducing our QA costs by more than 20%--the impact on our bottom line is nothing short of extraordinary.  Having a single, trusted resource today, I cannot imagine going back to the piecemeal or Google QA methods we have used in the past.”

The ROI on BenchMark KB can literally be measured in days or weeks: Productivity is up, and QA costs have been reduced substantially, plus we stopped buying books at the same time.   This product is a clear winner, and we have all of our MT’s using it on every report we transcribe.”

As a QA manager, BenchMark KB has been a godsend: Our staff has seen a decrease in QA markers by more than 18%, as our MT’s can now do their own research and solve quality issues in real time.  QA Managers now are able to focus only on the truly challenging quality issues.”

“As an MT training organization, BenchMark KB gives us a competitive advantage over schools that still require students to buy expensive, obsolete books.  The real-time updates remind them that the profession is evolving alongside medicine.”

"The BenchMark KB knowledge base gives our students another competitive advantage in the marketplace by giving them access to the best real-time medical information every day, as well as offering real-time access to the AHDI Help Desk and association research and updated files. Benchmark KB is another reason our MTs will be the best prepared to enter the workforce ready to work.”

Robert Harvey, president, Transcription Relief Services


“CBay has long been at the leading edge of quality and providing tools for medical transcriptionists, editors, and quality assurance staff who improve every aspect of patient safety. The BenchMark knowledge base gives our company a significant strategic advantage by giving our workers the very best real-time medical information every day.”

Christopher Foley, President, CBay Systems


“"The InterFix solution has also allowed our staff to be more productive due to the automation of tasks required. We had people spending time copying, pasting, and delivering files to customers, other individuals in the company, and so on. With the InterFix solution, these employees now spend their time creating more reports to deliver and further enhancing revenue!"

Scott Bailey, information systems manager, Transcription Relief Services, LLC

"After installing Interfix we were able to convert voice files from one dictation system to another, allowing us to take on more work and better service our accounts. Interfix makes the HL7 and document conversion process easy. It cut our programming time down to 1/4 of our original setups.

Purchasing InterFix has been one of the best technology investments we have made over the years. I have already exceeded my ROI expectations. The product has saved me both time and money."

Al Murin, Chief Technology Officer, Transolutions

"Provider/client data communication has been a constant expense or a limitation, now with InterFix it is another point of cost savings."

Randy Baker, senior vice president, Diskriter, Inc.

InterFix has solved real business problems for Amphion, reduced our costs, and brought us integration capabilities not previously possible."

Mike Cavill, Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Medical Solutions

“…the InterFix product suite has not only allowed Sten-Tel to save many times the cost of what other EAI and custom applications would have cost, but it has allowed us to reduce our overhead.

The typical costs associated with development and implementation of integration techniques are now gone--as InterFix has allowed us to quickly automate what were previously manual processes and helped us cap our IT programming costs. This has allowed us to provide integration capabilities for our clients at a cost level much lower than typical industry standards and in so doing has assisted us in expanding our company's' market opportunities.

If you don't want to have to hire a cadre of developers, or you want to either grow your healthcare business or enhance your existing architectural infrastructure--and you are concerned about watching your bottom line--then you simply can't afford to be without InterFix! "

George Catuogno, President, Sten-Tel, Inc.

"Our IT staff member has solved many problems associated with daily redundant tasks through automation via InterFix sessions. Many of these sessions involve the automation of receiving audio files and interfacing these files into one of two different audio platforms that we use. We have also designed and created an automated method of reconciling these audio files, saving us the equivalent of one full time employee."

Mike Irwin, CyMed, Inc.


"InterFix's willingness to not just support their offerings but to actually assist in the development and deployment processes has provided the additional ingredients needed to further educate our own staff and insure our client's satisfaction. Therefore, much of the credit for their success goes to their credo of providing the necessary support required to insure a customer's success."

George Catuogno, president, Sten-Tel, Inc

“InterFix has allowed us to grow our business and 'connect' with other Hospital-based systems as if we were an interface company with a team of programmers. Then, the added bonus came when we had the need to personalize the system to our needs. The response was unprecedented: Fast, effective, and with a smile!"

Bob Harvey, president, Transcription Relief Services

"The one thing that really sticks out for me is the responsiveness of the InterFix support staff/programmers. Never have I seen a more dedicated, responsive team of folks. If in fact there is a problem, it is resolved within hours! The whole InterFix product AND staff have been a huge complement to our business and the industry. Now that we have it, InterFix is the one solution we could not--nor would not--live without. Thanks for a great product and for being great business partners!"

Scott Bailey, information systems manager, Transcription Relief Services, LLC

"As a Six Sigma organization, CyMed's entire business is focused on quality, cycle time, and cost. Since our first InterFix application, where we downloaded and transcoded voice files across platforms securely over IP from an obsolete dictation system more than 2,500 miles away, the product performed flawlessly and we were "live" within 48 hours of establishing VPN access. No service calls, no connectivity problems, no trial and error. Just a simple, straightforward and cost-effective solution."

Dale Kivi, vice president of marketing, CyMed, Inc. 2006

“We were fortunate to learn of the InterFix solution. It is a powerful tool that meets our current and future needs, as was validated by our first and most important implementation. We are also pleased and pleasantly surprised by the speed at which the first implementation took place - days instead of weeks. I certainly look forward to more exciting times ahead with our industry colleagues at InterFix".

Robert Cabato, CEO, SPI Healthcare Documentation

"As good as this product is, InterFix's technical support when we bring on new clients has been exceptional--prompt, persistent, and thorough. InterFix is so reliable and easy to use that our company has based its strategic growth plan on the use of its products."

Michael Meistrell, president and COO, AHM Systems LLC