BenchMark IFX

Integrate your world

Our flagship product, BenchMark IFX is the fourth generation of our unique, complete, and secure medical information connectivity platform. It is designed to streamline and simplify the ADT, audio, document formatting, and file transfer connectivity environment faced by IT professionals in the Health Information Management industry—all without custom programming.

Much more than an interface engine

BenchMark IFX provides customers with on-line access to a broad variety of pre-engineered automation and interface modules specifically designed for the medical coding, billing, and transcription Industry and its customers. BenchMark IFX is particularly well suited to demystifying HL7 interfaces and collapsing the deployment timeline for creating these connections. Unlike expensive, data-centric “interface engines”, BenchMark IFX is focused on the medical documentation components most needed by IT professionals in the coding, billing, and transcription industry, and eliminates the need for programming interfaces one by one.

Easily convert audio files

IFX audio trans-code routines allow many voice file formats to be changed from one to the other--overcoming both vendor and customer limitations. BenchMark IFX customers can collect voice files from many different systems, in many different formats, and support transcribing in a single environment. Interface engines were simply not designed to do this.

BenchMark IFX audio modules provide access and interoperability between the following formats:

  • DVI
  • Lanier VoiceLink™
  • Dictaphone iChart® and Enterprise® Express Voice System
  • Vianeta
  • Crescendo
  • most PDA formats
  • and over 100 others!

Automatically reformat transcribed reports

InterFix’s document inbound and outbound format modules allow transcribed reports in one format to be automatically reformatted prior to transmission to a healthcare provider’s host system. For example, a Medical Transcriptionist may transcribe in an ASP environment like DEP or in Microsoft® Word, and InterFix will reformat the reports to upload into a customer’s SoftMed transcription system with no human intervention. Again, interface engines were not designed to do this.

Benchmark IFX Document Format Modules currently available allow import and export of documents in fixed, xml, delimited, tokenized, and HL7 formats. Documents can be uploaded or imported as:

  • HL7 (any version)
  • xml
  • ChartScript®
  • Medquist™ DEP
  • Dictaphone® iChart® or Enterprise Express® Text
  • Clarity
  • Lanier/CareFlowNet
  • and numerous other format types

Easy ADT inbound/outbound functions

HL7 2.x Standard Inbound and HL7 2.x Standard outbound formats are easily accepted and managed with connectivity modules for:

  • Eclypsis™
  • MediTech™
  • Oacis™
  • Epic®
  • Cerner®
  • McKesson HBO&Co.
  • Siemens SMS
  • plus many more HIS and CIS platforms

With BenchMark IFX, customizing a standard interface module to accommodate Z-Segments or UDF’s is simple and efficient. Custom interfaces can be tested in real time using the customer’s own data sample and saved as a custom interface. InterFix customers typically create, test, and deploy HL7 interfaces in just a few hours.

Hosted Turnkey Solutions

For customers who want to stay focused on building their business and not on buying more servers, installing more software and hiring more IT personnel, InterFix offers a fully hosted, affordable, turn-key integration solution. With a hosted BenchMark IFX solution, your interfaces and integration processes will reside on our servers in our secure Data Center and will be available via any web connection 24/7. We manage hardware configuration, software upgrades, security, and backups.

On-Premise Solutions

InterFix also offers its BenchMark IFX integration solution as a premise-based solution that can be managed by the customer's IT staff with ongoing support from the InterFix team.

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